«Drumazhur» was recorded live at Azhurnaya Rotunda in Moscow's Gorky Park in the summer of 2018. «Drumazhur» is record of a one and a half hour performance of the quartet of four drummers, where the musicians do solos, manage to play duets and cleverly split into a trio, and then turn into a massive quartet again, sounding sometimes arrhythmically, loudly and menacingly, sometimes quietly, meditatively and bewitchingly. The cross of four bass drums at once is amplified by the ringing of several cymbals at once, and multiple shots on snare drums will more likely resemble a sound illusion in which it is impossible to correctly set rhythmic accents or find an stressed vowel.

In the middle of the concert, three saxophonists — Sergey Khramtсevich, Alexander Serechenko and Irina Kachan — joined the percussionists and heated the joint improvisation to a critical level. That concert attracted a large outside unprepared spectators audience. The music captured their attention at the moment, turning it into full-fledged participants in the performance — screams, hooting and loud applause only add to this record of energy, passion and a special sense of freedom". Evgeniy Galochkin

Oxana Grigorieva - drums
Peter Ototsky - drums
Sergey Bolotin - drums
Andrey Kim - drums

Sergey Khramtcevitch - alto sax (Zh)
Alexander Serechenko - baritone sax (Zh)
Irina Kachan - alto sax (Zh)

Recorded live at Azhurnaya Rotunda, Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia. 16 August 2018

Recording: Peter Ototsky
Mastering: Andrey Guryanov
Design: Ivan Yakushev
Photo: Svetlana Selezneva
Exclusive producer & line-up curator: Evgeniy Galochkin

Recording chain: Schoeps CMC52h (AB40) -> Sound Devices 702

Released 17 April 2020 in collaboration with the ТОПОТ label: tawpot.bandcamp.com
Drumazhur live at Richterfest 2020
Film by Danila Loshak

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