White Paper Records
White Paper Records is a Moscow-based label conceived as a network of musicians and underground communities that represents and crosses various scenes of contemporary music across the world.

We believe that sometimes music is not only a product of individual creative activity, but a form of communication between people. It is both an archive of music documents as of the acts of communication, and a platform for it. Label as a shared space for musicians from different cities getting to know and further corresponding with each other.

Music scene is located, exists and develops within music events of our daily lives: concerts of different scales, festivals, someone's apartments. Some events only happen once, some repeats. White Paper Records collects the brightest points on the map of musical and personal encounters, releasing recordings of improvised, new and experimental music.

Share your music with us and share this opportunity with your friends!

All the best,
Peter Ototsky and Andrey Guryanov
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